Training on Operation and Configuration of SCADA of 22kV Grid Equipment

26/09/2020 12:49

On September 17-18, Dong Nai Power One Member Co., Ltd worked with My Phuong Co., Ltd. to organize training on the operation and SCADA configuration of 22kV grid equipment. 50 trainees are technical staff of specialized departments and 11 electricity employees participated.


     The professional training course has the following principal contents: instructions for operating SCADA software at the dispatching department of the electricity, configure and install recloser, and LBS connected to the Company's SCADA system control center. After the theory part, the trainees have to practice the actual installation and configuration for the device.

     Currently, the Company's SCADA/DMS system is equipped at the Company's Dispatch room and 11 Electricity is collecting, monitoring, and remotely controlling 27 110kV substations and 80 reclosers and LBSs on the 22kV power grid.

     It is expected that by 2021, the Company will connect the signals of about 250 recloser and LBS devices on the 22kV power grid.

Students practice configuration and installation on the device

     The training on operation and configuration of SCADA equipment of 22kV power grids is intended to help technicians improve their professional skills, master the technology, and be proactive in managing, operating, and troubleshooting the grid system.

Source Dong Nai PC "Training to operate and configure SCADA of 22kV power grid equipment"

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