Instructions for Using Hotline Tools

  • Application of wire wrapping in hot electrical repair work

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  • Using an insulating pole, peeling the sheathed cable, and connecting the medium voltage branch

  • Instructions to check the appearance of insulating gloves, leather gloves, and shirt shoulders before working

  • Instructions for wire wrapping and anchoring porcelain in practical operation

  • Instructions for cleaning the pole with a Silicone mop and Moisture Eater solvent

  • Instructions for using the pole-mounted rope support bracket

  • How to use the pole tester

  • Guide to repair poles when there is damage to the surface

  • Using anti-wire poles, operation poles in the job of opening porcelain neck ties

  • Introduction to soft wire wrap, hard wire wrap, pillar wrap, and momentum wrap

  • Using wire tensioners and accessories in the job of replacing anchors

  • 3-phase wire-lifting configuration using pole support, auxiliary momentum, and rope tensioner

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