Conventional Fire Alarm Cabinet FX2200CF

The FX2200CF conventional fire alarm control panel offers a solution for any conventional system need. With the advantage of simple operation, contact control fire alarm for other applications, alarm battery voltage, and temperature compensation. All are included in the cabinet to ensure ease of use and high reliability.

- Cabinet designed according to EN54 standards.

- Cabinets usually include types: 2, 4, 8 zones.

- Number of detectors per zone: 32.

- Working voltage: 24Vdc.

- Power supply voltage: 220Vac.

- Built-in battery.

- Dimensions (WxHxD): 332x270x90 (mm)

- The system is highly configurable and flexible.

- Mounting floating or semi-wall.

Salient features:

 - The cabinet is suitable for large projects.

 - No fuse required.

 - Sophisticated design.

 - The access code is numeric, so there is no worry about losing the key.

 - Easy maintenance and repair.