Survalent OMS for Substations | Survalent Technology Corporation

  1. Information about product:
  • SmartOMS is an application used to build a smart and modern power management systems for customers, integrated on a software platform with Survalent's SmartSCADA system.
  • Manufacturer: Survalent Technology Corporation
  • Origin: Canada


  1. Product Description:
  • Built on the same operating interface and fully inherited the features that SmartSCADA systems possess (e.g. redundancy, unlimited features, etc.)
  • The application builds a system to manage power data, call information from customers, and monitor power failures.
  • Integrate the system to read meter data remotely, locate the fault and automatically calculate the impact of the outage caused by the problem to give a remedial direction.
  • Building a service management application for smart customers during power outages through automatic switchboards, analyzing customer data