Survalent SCADA for Substations | Survalent Technology Corporation

- Application: HMI SCADA for 110kV substations

- Supplied over 130 substations in Vietnam

  1. Information about product:
  • SmartSCADA is an automation software solution that provides real-time control and data acquisition for industrial and electrical operating central systems.
  • Manufacturer: Survalent Technology Corporation
  • Origin: Canada


  • Survalent Technology Corporation is a company with more than 50 years of experience in the SCADA field, with more than 500 SCADA systems that have been using Survalent's solutions at Power companies, industrial plants, gas stations, and transportation. …
  • In Canada, Survalent holds 85% of SCADA market share for Power Companies.
  • In the US, Survalent is the main supplier for SCADA systems at Power companies


  1. Product Description:
  • Redundancy: 2 levels (dual server), 3 levels and 4 levels.
  • Unlimited RTU, IED devices, communication lines, user accounts connected to the system.
  • Supports all SCADA application functions according to user needs.
  • Supports a variety of communication protocols: IEC 60870-5-101,104,103, DNP 3.0, Modbus, IEC61850, ICCP, OPC...
  • Alerts, events, reports, graphs with friendly interface.
  • Applicable standards: IEEE Std C37.1-1994, NERC-CIP, KEMA IEC61850…
  • Adaptable on many operating systems: Windows 7 (32-64 bit), Windows 8 (32-64 bit), Windows Server 2008/2012…
  • Commonly integrate SCADA/DMS/OMS on one software platform and use on the same operating interface.