MP Co., Ltd specializes in supplying and distributing the products of Eaton's Cooper Industries, Hubbell Power Systems (HPS), Survalent both domestically and internationally.

From 1996 up to now, MP Co., Ltd is a unit authorized by Eaton's Cooper Industries to be the official representative of 5 companies specializing in supplying and distributing high, medium, and low voltage electrical equipment products in the market.

In the last 2 years, MP Co., Ltd has been trusted and highly appreciated by Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) and selected as the officially authorized unit in Vietnam for the following product lines: FCO, LBFCO, hotline tool, medium and low voltage clamping devices (Service Wedge Clamp), insulating chains (Insulators), line lightning protection (Transmission line Surge Arrester) with famous brands such as OHIO BRASS®, A.B CHANCE®, and Anderson®.

Especially recently, MP Co., Ltd is also the official representative of Survalent, which specializes in providing reliable solutions for monitoring control and data acquisition (SCADA software) in the distribution grid system for high and medium voltage.