About Us

Thank you so much for your interest in the website of My Phuong Trading Company.

MPCO., LTD established in the early days of economic reform in Vietnam between 1995-1996, was one of the first companies to bring new technologies and scientific progress from modern countries such as the United States, Canada, and Europe for the power industry in Vietnam.

With the goal of providing our customers with the best equipment technology and effective solutions for electrical equipment, MPCO., LTD  is proud to have been the official representative of Cooper Industrial Group from 1996 to 2012. MPCO., LTD continues to serve as the main distributor for  Eaton Industries after their acquisition of Cooper Industrial Group in the electrical equipment and energy sector in the United States. 

Furthermore, in 2013, the Hubbell Power Systems (HPS) Group chose MPCO., LTD as their official representative for the distribution of their high-quality, safe, and reliable products in the power industry. 

MPCO., LTD is not only a commercial supplier of electrical equipment but also a place to focus on training and developing human resources in electrical engineering expertise through well-researched practical models. At MPCO., LTD we train our technicians with specialized knowledge in the electrical industry and solutions for intelligent connection between electrical equipment and Control Centers through the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software system. In 2012, MPCO., LTD was successfully researched, evaluated, and selected by Survalent Technology as a supplier in Vietnam. Survalent Technology is one of the major SCADA software suppliers in the world with more than 50 years of experience providing SCADA/ADMS/OMS software systems and solutions, especially in the field of electricity. Survalent Technology has had great success in the United States, North America, Canada, and Asia.

 The following is a list of products that MPCO., LTD has provided to customers in Vietnam and neighboring countries:

  • Eaton Industries Corporation equipment :
    • Eaton’s Cooper Power Systems medium and high voltage electrical equipment such as: Recloser, NOVAs, Switchgear, Ring Main Unit (RMU), Surge Arrester, Capacitor, Fuses, Voltage Regulator, Transformer, Disconnecting Switch, Molded Rubber products (T-plug, elbow connector, Termination kit,…), Fault Indicator, Automation and Control (Substation Gateway SMP, Yukon Enterprise Software,…)
    • The medium and low voltage electrical equipment of Eaton Electrical Systems, such as fire alarm systems, public alert systems, etc.
  • Hubbell Power Systems (HPS)  and the famous brands Chance, Ohio  Brass, and Anderson  equipment :
    • Medium voltage switchgear: Fuse Cut-outs (FCO); Load Break Fuse Cut-outs (LBFCO); Disconnect Switches (DS); ALTD Disconnect Switches (LTD); Fuse Link (FL); Auto Sectionalizing Link
    • Medium voltage insulators: insulator chainsmedium and low voltage connection clamps  (Service Wedge Clamp); Transmission line Surge Arrester
    • Tools for construction on live lines (Hotline Tools – Live Line)
    • Service Wedge Clamp: Clamp, hotline
    • Anchor foundation
  • Survalent Technology
    • SCADA/ADMS/OMS software for smart grid

With more than 25 years of experience in submitting electrical equipment from reputable companies around the world and providing professional services, MPCO., LTD has become highly trusted by many customers in Vietnam Electricity Corporations such as: Northern Electricity Corporation (EVNNPC), Hanoi Electricity Corporation (EVNHaNoiPC),  Central Power Corporation (EVNCPC), Southern Electricity Corporation (EVNSPC), Ho Chi Minh Power Corporation (EVNHCMPC), and affiliated Power Companies. In addition, we at MPCO., LTD are proud to bring our partners safe and effective solutions for electricity for high-rise buildings, commercial centers, residential areas, factories, industrial parks, etc. with high-quality products, reliable after-sales service, and a team of experienced and qualified technical experts.

We hope that this website has helped you learn more about MPCO., LTD and the products and services we provide in the Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos markets.

Once again, thank you very much for your attention and we wish you good health and success.