SCADA Software Technology Transfer Training for Dong Nai PC

24/09/2020 08:45

    After completing the construction plans approved by Dong Nai Electricity, My Phuong Company carried out the handover of goods and configured to convert all SCADA/DMS data. Following the progress, in the past week. (September 17-19, 2020) My Phuong company continues to deploy training items on software technology transfer and operating instructions, SCADA configuration for Reclosers Cooper connecting SCADA system at Control Center - Dong Nai electricity.

     Participating in the training session were SCADA technicians - some from My Phuong company and more than 63 technical officers and specialists of Dong Nai Dispatch Center - Electricity and affiliated electricity companies with the following main contents:

- Managing and operating SCADA control cabinet Recloser Cooper

- Exploiting SCADA/DMS function – Remote console computer

     For the most effective training, My Phuong company provided sample equipment to simulate reality, helping staff and technicians to practice assessment and on-site handling instructions.

Some pictures at the training session