Survalent Technology Corporation sponsors SCADA/ADMS software for Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Science and Technology

28/09/2022 14:28

On September 14, 2022, the signing ceremony of a three-way cooperation agreement between the University of Science and Technology, Vietnam National University-HCM, My Phuong Trading Co., Ltd and Survalent Technology Group (Ontario, Canada) took place. SCADA/ADMS Survalent software was awarded to the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, University of Science and Technology, VNU-HCM to integrate SCADA/ADMS Survalent software in the curriculum, training, and laboratory practice simulation at the Faculty, as well as MP Co's implementation of technology transfer training using the SCADA/ADMS software system to guide the students at the University. The SCADA/ADMS Survalent software is a great support for the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering in student training and 4.0 technology transfer in research and practical application of smart grids.

The signing ceremony of the 3-party cooperation agreement between University of Science and Technology - VNU-HCM, My Phuong Trading Company Limited and Survalent Technology Group (Ontario, Canada)

Speaking at the ceremony, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Van Thang- Vice Rector said, University of Science and Technology - VNU-HCM was established in 1957, and is one of the leading technical universities in the country. Currently, the University is increasingly improving the quality of teaching, aiming to become one of the recognized training, research and innovation centers in the region. The university currently has a total of more than 26,000 undergraduate / graduate students in 11 faculties, of which nearly 900 students annually belong to the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the fields of electrical engineering - electronics, control engineering - automation. automation, especially students who are oriented to work in the field of automation in industries such as electricity, oil and gas, renewable energy, etc. The Vice Rector highly appreciated the software technology of MPCo. and Survalent that was awarded.

Working session and signing of software sponsorship between the three parties

Survalent Corporation Technology, with more than 60 years of experience in the field of providing SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition)/DMS (Distribution Management System)/OMS (Outage Management System) software, has successfully entered the markets in 40 countries with more than 800 SCADA control center systems, DMS/OMS application in operation, monitoring, analysis, system optimization of the electricity, and water supply. In Vietnam, Survalent Technology Group, together with MPCo, has successfully put the Survalent software system into operation on 10 SCADA Control Centers for Power Companies under the Electricity Group. Power of Vietnam (EVN) at EVNCPC (6 centers: Da Nang PC, Khanh Hoa PC, Quang Binh PC, Phu Yen PC, Kontum PC, Daknong PC), EVNHCMPC (2 centers), Ninh Binh PC,Dong Nai PC has 9 DMS Operation Centers with DAS (Distribution Automation System) functions for medium voltage 22kV grid and more than 100 110 kV, 220 kV substations from 2014 to present.

MPCo and Survalent hope that with the introduction of the SCADA/ADMS Survalent software system into the teaching and training process for students, lecturers can contribute to helping students immediately access a practical software system, which is currently highly appreciated and reliable by EVN in developing medium voltage power grids following the current trend of digital transformation of technology 4.0, and gradually developing according to EVN's Smart Grid roadmap in the near future.

For many years, MPCo has cooperated in receiving students from HCMUT - VNU - HCM to practice on Survalent's SCADA/ADMS software application in graduation thesis projects. The commissioning of SCADA/ADMS Survalent Laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering marks stronger cooperation between HCMUT - VNU - HCM - MPCo Company - SURVALENT Group in helping the students gain practical knowledge and skills while studying at the University. On the other hand, this also helps students have an orientation for their future work and easier access to intelligent techniques that are widely applied and constantly changing and developing.

Faculty of Electrical-Electronics receives software and makes plans to deploy software applications

After the signing ceremony and handover of SCADA/ADMS Survalent software, MP Co Company will deploy a training program and technology transfer including providing all textbooks & practical manuals for use. SCADA/ADMS software at the Lab of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering for the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (all of whom are PhDs graduated from advanced countries France, USA, Germany, Australia, Japan, Russia) to master the SCADA/ADMS software technology and soon apply it to the curricula and training for Students.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Do Hong Tuan - Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering received the software and made plans to deploy the software application and build experiments to serve the training of undergraduate and graduate students and technology transfer research to lecturers in order to meet the 4.0 digital technology transformation roadmap as well as the development orientation of the Smart Grid of EVN in the future. The Dean of Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering also expressed his gratitude to the company and wished to continue cooperation in the future.