Survalent DMS for Substations | Survalent Technology Corporation

  1. Information about product:
  • SmartDMS software solution provides users with a smart and modern distribution grid management system, which is integrated on a software platform with SmartSCADA system, used on the same operating interface and fully inherit the features that the SmartSCADA system possesses
  • Manufacturer: Survalent Technology Corporation
  • Origin: Canada


  1. Product Description:
  • Built on the same operating interface and fully inherited the features that SmartSCADA systems possess (e.g. redundancy, unlimited features, etc.)
  • Application used to build intelligent distribution network model including the structure and operating principle of the network (Network model - Topology processing)
  • Capable of automatically calculating the load flow (Load Flow) on the grid, thereby providing safe operating methods for the grid (Security analysis).